Creating Your PPC Campaign

It is also a perfect way to track and split-test varying offers you make on-site. In the right hands, this can be a very powerful (and profitable) tool to adjust your marketing campaigns.

It has been said, ‘You don’t learn from the second kick from a horse’. Too many business leaders avoid being kicked again after paying too much for poor results. Some simply don’t know how to create a PPC campaign. Doing it well will bring you massive ROI.

Whether you are new to PPC, had little success, or merely want someone to shepherd your PPC, Talk to someone who has developed PPC campaigns. We have the experience to do it well.

Winning Pay Per Click Campaigns

From our experience in developing effective pay per click marketing campaigns for businesses in various industries, we understand that profitable campaigns come down to three key factors:

  • Tracking and Testing – The maxim ‘What gets measured gets managed’ tells us you won’t profit PPC unless you track and test your campaigns. Following which ads convert and which don’t will determine whether your investment is in the black or in the red.
  • Quality Matters – Are you paying too much per click? The better your Google Quality Score, the less you will pay per click. Four Step Marketing Method can fix this quickly.
  • The Right Keywords – Your USP will help you choose your keywords. The right keywords will attract the right customers. A little known fact is that Google rewards successful PPC; that is, if your site converts more leads, your PPC is cheaper. If your keywords draw the right prospects, you can convert more prospects and the big G will boost your profits.

Schuman Marketing Systems links Four Step Marketing to your PPC campaigns to choose high- quality keywords for your ads to attract the ideal customer. Coupling this with accurate tracking and testing, so as to see where we need to adjust your campaigns, is the formula for success.

You Can Succeed With PPC

Whether you want to learn more, need guidance for a profitable PPC campaign, or need help with PPC management, Schuman Marketing Systems wants to speak with you.Call us today toll free at 1-877-723-3725 (Safe Sale) or click through to book a free 30-minute pay per click consultation.