A To Z Buying Scale

Success comes down to knowing you can’t send the same message to A- to Y-scale buyers that you send to Z-scale buyers. A- to Y-scale buyers are still shopping and learning. Although they already have found out about your company, they are still undecided where to make a purchase. Z-scale buyers are ready to make a purchase; they know what they want.

Since these two groups of people are different, you need to create separate email content.

Other Things To Consider

What you write is critical. Some just want your free stuff, but most want to learn about your products or services. Including interesting content with your free offer can open doors for you.

If you know the cost for each sale and the value of each customer on-site, you will see that your follow up is crucial – you may either successfully convert them into buyers or they opt out. The emails you send should be engaging, interesting, and educational to hold their attention. We make certain your hard work of list-building isn’t wasted, and your emails work to boost A to Z conversions, boost, revenues, and boost profits. The value of your business is at stake!

Let Us Design Your Email Campaign

Email campaigns bridge your USP to marketing automation. Schuman Marketing Systems not only designs winning email marketing campaigns to converts prospects into buyers and then buyers into repeat customers, but can automate your email marketing funnels that practically do the email marketing work on autopilot.

Specialty Email Campaigns

Over 60% of shopping carts are abandoned. With the proper recovery campaign, you can bring the potential buyers back to complete their purchase. Speaking of shopping carts, adding the right kind of shopping cart to your site can boost sales nearly 19%. Let us show you how.

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