Why Mobile?

A platform is anywhere a potential customer can come in contact with your business. Mobile-friendly websites, mobile apps, video, and enhanced texting are all ways to reach this burgeoning market segment. Only a few mobile media may be big converters, but it is a great way to gather contact information and keep your clients updated. Mobile is now the primary means of internet search. Did you know mobile ads drive conversion on every other platform?

SMS can help you create a mobile marketing presence. Whether it is merely revamping your legacy site to become mobile-friendly or building sophisticated tools for an avante garde client, we are here to help.

SMS Marketing

Reach your customers easily. Short Message Service (SMS), is a powerful tool to reach massive contact databases. For example, using brief codes on each of your marketing platforms, you can allow customers to receive information, offers, discounts, and special notices. Did we say powerful? Another aspect is that the entire process can be automated by uploading a .csv file to your SMS marketing system. And over 90% of text messages are opened? Need we say more?

Promotional codes

‘What’s your Twitter special this week?’ Promotional coupons are a powerful tool to build your marketing funnel, and there are graphical innovations to consider. Want more power?

I want it now! QR code readers allow a mobile scanner to jump to your site or youtube video. QR codes are a great way to get customers to your landing page and to convert them to a sale.

At SMS, we can facilitate the design of a custom QR code to incorporate a QR code link that goes directly to the Like button on your social media pages.


A mobile application can be customized to suit your target clientele. It can be as simple as a button on your client’s smartphone that takes them to your website! You can add as much or as little as needed to capture the attention of your market segment.

SMS offers the following features in the design of your mobile app:

  • Develop and implement your app with customized appearance convenient for your clients
  • link to all your social media platforms and your sites
  • GPS -Customers can locate and map your location from anywhere
  • One touch calling: no numbers to save and remember
  • Instantly post to their social media all from one place
  • Provides surrounding points of interest
  • Details of promotions or events
  • Design a Fan Wall for customers’ feedback about your business

We look forward to hearing from you.

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