Who We Are

Every business has varying ideas of what good marketing is. Even more startling is that many of these business owners spend countless amounts of marketing dollars, not knowing if their efforts work. This is literally unfortunate! It absolutely does not make fiscal sense to spend money without knowing that your efforts are working. That is why our company is dedicated to 100% measurable and accountable marketing. We value branding, but it is not our central focus. While we realize that this is the most conventional form of marketing fed to the masses, it is simply not the best way to market your company effectively. Instead we use a proactive approach called direct response marketing. We always look for measurable results no matter if we are sending: a direct mail piece, or utilizing footprint in the search engines. By sticking to principles, we are not so concerned about creating a popular brand; we are more interested in finding buyers that are directly interested in your product, and then nurturing that relationship so that they buy.

Tom Schuman, president of SMS Internet Corporation has been a leader in many ventures over the last 25 years: Industry, Academia, Government – from large conglomerates to one-man shows! The goal was satisfied customers..and growth. We found success in direct response – the methods used to market this business.

Tom opened the corporation in 2006 which later became SMS Internet. It was less than a year when we began the huge psychological shift from chasing down leads to direct response marketing. Prospects saw our expertise and we experienced the joy of having leads excited to call us! And we survived the big crash. With the growth of internet marketing, social media, and mobile platforms, the opportunity to grow the marketing arm of this business was too good to pass up. We structured our company to accommodate the change, and now we are a full-service marketing agency. Our credible staff and team of web developers, SEO & social media experts, writers and designers all work together to provide outstanding results for our clients. We continue to advance in innovation so that we can offer our clients wisdom for their marketing strategies, serving the state of Georgia, the Atlantic coast, and beyond!