Marketing Automation

This brings us to the fourth step of the Four Step Marketing Method – marketing automation. You developed your USP in the first step, developed your offers, platforms, and drip marketing campaign in the second step, and built a solid marketing arsenal in step three. Now, in step four, you will automate your follow-up campaigns so as to put together a base of ‘raving fan’ customers practically on autopilot.

Two Types Of Automation

There are two types of Marketing Automation:

A To Z Prospect Follow Up – You nurture them along the buying process until they decide to make a purchase and to become a customer.

Customer Follow Up – When an A to Z prospect makes a purchase, you automate to follow up and to eventually convert them into a repeat customer.

The kind of follow up you are automating can vary (emails, text messages, phone calls, direct mail, etc). By setting up marketing automation, you guarantee that none of your prospects will ever be missed or lost in the shuffle.

It’s not possible to sit there all day sending individual messages to each contact on your prospect list. In the fourth step of the Four Step Marketing Method you’ll automate your follow-up so you can focus most of your time working on your business, not in your business.

Automation Creates Raving Fans

It’s not enough to have “satisfied” customers to succeed in business today. To ultimately bring home the bacon, you need raving fans that won’t even look at your competition.

All the steps in the Four Step Marketing method work together to win raving fans that take you to astounding business success.

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