A To Z Buyers

The majority of businesses expend their marketing on people ready to buy – Z-scale buyers. We identify them as Z-scale buyers because they are at the last stage of the buying process. They already did their shopping and are there to purchase on the spot.

Although Z-scale buyers increase your bottom line, you are still losing tons of sales if you don’t market to A- to Y-scale buyers. These buyers are interested in what you offer, but they are still looking around and haven’t made their purchase decision.

One of the most easy and effectual paths to grow sales is to market to every prospect on the A to Z buying spectrum.

Increasing Sales With Offers

The second step of the Four Step Marketing Method includes discerning the best platforms that allow you to deliver free offers to A to Z scale buyers. They are not entirely – your prospects will provide you their contact information in exchange for your free offer.

In short, it is a low-pressure way to continue your presentation, extended over time. You will be able to follow up with them, educate, and market to them throughout the entire buying process once you have their contact information. This empowers you to convert them from prospect to customer, and then from customer to repeat buyer for life.

The free offer needn’t be costly to you, it just has to be valuable to your A to Z prospect – substantial enough for them to exchange their contact information for it.

Free offers can be an mp3, video, coupon, report, podcast, or anything of perceived value.

For instance: promoting a free 24-hour recording in a classified ad, or offer a free coupon in a direct mailer, a free book from your website, or a free podcast in iTunes are examples of offers.

Maximizing Your ROI

Beyond identifying platforms and creating free offers, step two also includes split testing that tells us the platforms and offers that work best. Spending on what works and cutting what doesn’t – this empowers us to increase your conversion rates to boost return on investment.

Drip Marketing

Following the development of your offers, implementing split testing, and defining the right platforms to reach your ideal audience, we build a follow-up drip marketing campaign. Through follow-ups with your A to Z prospects this way, we engage and inform prospects while walking them through the entire buying process, eventually converting them from prospects to buyers.

You aren’t finished with your prospects when they purchase from you with drip marketing. We next move them to a new marketing funnel that turns them into raving fans and lifetime repeat customers.

Shall we begin?

In the first step of the Four Step Marketing Method, you refine the message so prospects pick you over your competition despite price. In the second step, you build offers to capture A to Z prospects for your database where you market to them with a drip campaign to convert them to buyers and repeat customers.

You have done a lot by step two, and you’re only halfway to discovering the Four Step Marketing Method! If you prefer more in depth information, opt-in with your contact information to instantly download our free Four Step Marketing report.

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You must market to every prospect involved in the buying process to significantly boost your bottom line. That is the goal of step two.

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