Your unique selling proposition, also known simply as USP, is your business’ unique factor that moves people to buy your products and services – instead of those of a competitor – in spite of the price.

Your USP should compel people to think ‘I want that!’ and that money is no object. A peripheral effect will be to minimize appeal to customers who are not a fit for you. You know the kind.

Defining a compelling unique selling point is the powerful first step of the innovative Four Step Marketing Method.

Developing a USP

We are able to look at your business from an expert’s perspective which lets us synthesize a powerful USP that can double and even triple your sales! We will analyze your:

  • Marketing Plan
  • ‘Ideal Customer’ Image
  • Customer Expectations & Customer Feedback
  • Internal Reality vs. External Perception
  • Value Added Qualifiers & Innovations

And Many More

To devise a solid USP for you to outperform your competition, we will also take a look at:

  • How are You Unique?
  • How are You Better, Stronger, Faster?
  • Why People Should Trust You — Regardless Of Price
  • Why Price Doesn’t Matter

If you assume cost is the perfect way to beat your competition, then there’s no doubt why it’s not working! The first of the Four Step Marketing Steps will demonstrate an effective strategy to compete without price being a concern.

You will also have a clearer vision of your marketing plan, your perfect customer, external perception, and the complementary qualifiers that can significantly boost your revenue.

Shall we begin?

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Prepared to see the Second Step of the Four Step Marketing Method?

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